“I now see that Tony’s wanderlust had more to do with people than with food. The legacy of Tony’s many travels will be the hundreds of hours of film showing that all human beings share common dreams and aspirations.” — Yeganeh Salehi, writer

June 25 would have been Anthony Bourdain’s 63rd birthday. Sadly, we’ll never know a new location through his wit and wisdom, but he’s left behind a huge legacy for many of us who still count ourselves huge fans.

We had a Tony-like moment in Mexico last year, wandering a Sunday festival where we were the only Gringos in the crowd. A wealth of food you won’t find in American butcher markets cooked in streetside stalls competed to overwhelm us with grilling aromas, woodsmoke, slaps of tortillas on griddles and cries from the vendors.

Tony opened our eyes to the similarities in our humanity as much as the differences to appreciate in our cultures. People are people, and sharing a smile is as important as sharing a meal. RIP, Tony. You live on in our hearts and in our adventures.

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