Petroglyphs Tell Stories

Petroglyphs Tell Stories

Petroglyphs – Men and Deer

This rock face and the others surrounding it were covered with pictographs, petroglyphs (rock symbols) from a past culture that inhabited this river basis. Glyphs like this were used to celebrate a hunt, or as signposts explaining to others about the hunting seasons in a region. The rocks faced a deep rushing river, which meant they were probably carved either from a canoe or by climbing out of a canoe and up the steep side.

Today we have different signposts, though we don’t always take the time to read them. If this river was a little higher, the glyphs would be underwater. In this sacred canyon area, I’m glad they’re still protected so we can muse on their meaning and the humans that came before us who created them. Taken on the Snake River, Idaho 2015-06-30.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i, 229mm f/6.3 ISO 800 1/320

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