Modern Dinosaur

Modern Dinosaur

Maybe Not Friendly Iguana

We ran into this fearsome dude at a roadside stop in Costa Rica. We were there for ice cream, a popular and incredibly tasty snack. (Mine was Neapolitan, made with real cream and flavors, as natural and fresh as it can get.) He (or she) was a four-foot specimen of ancient beauty. Visitors tended to offer it cones, which it shunned (smart critter) but loved vegetables and fruit.

It was a dark cloudy day, but the setting combo brings out the colors of the scales. No one, least of all me, wanted to get too close. Tails on iguanas are like a club, and they swing it at anyone they consider a danger. You can see it clearly in this shot. Taken 2019-05-15 in Calico, Costa Rica.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i, 55mm f/6.3 ISO 6400 1/200

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