About Us

About Us

“You have the best adventures,” friends tell us.  We always come home with stories, even when we’re traveling in our own backyard.  It’s all in your attitude, and believe me, we have ‘tude!

It’s the little things, the ones easy to overlook because you’re rushing to the next event or stop on the tour.  The detail you miss because you’re preoccupied is the item most likely to give you the amazement you crave.  We want that.  Do you?

If you do, you’re in the right place.  We find our best adventures happen when we travel with open hearts, open minds, and open curiosity.  Embracing what makes each place unique brings us joy.

We are not adventure junkies.  We don’t find our sense of fun satisfied by rock climbing, or bungee jumping, or ziplining.  You won’t see us at the places you’d expect, though we do visit the well-trodden sights in ports of call and the usual suspects in a major city.

This is our creed.

Open Hearts:  We love people and believe that humans around the world, no matter their race, religion, or ethnicity, are more alike than different.  When we explore their cultures and introduce them to a positive aspect of ours, we make friends, great friends.

Open Minds:  Understanding comes with making an effort, an effort to learn about what we are seeing.  Asking questions without making judgments comes next.  We can’t forget understanding how things work too.

Open Curiosity:  Listening goes a long way towards our understanding of the world.  We take pictures to remind us, take notes to make sure we get the facts straight, and sit quietly to absorb the feelings of a place or activity.  And sometimes, we dance like no one’s watching!

Welcome to our world!

Yvonne is a freelance writer and photographer.  She can’t resist learning about everything around her and sharing that knowledge with others.  Her favorite question is, “Why?”  Yvonne’s passions include gardening (plantaholic), food and cooking (dedicated foodie), and travel (suitcases packed).  Learn more about her fiction and nonfiction books www.yvonnekohano.com.  View a selection of her tens of thousands of photos at http://bit.ly/YvonneKphotos.  Yvonne is a member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Association (ITWPA).

John lives and breathes travel and worldwide destinations as a travel consultant specializing in wine cruises. There are many reasons we share a life, both being learning junkies is one of the them, another is a love of food. Oh yes, most people also notice we like wine, hence John’s specialization in winery hosted cruises.

Save your travel memories in our handy journals. Click on the image below for more info.

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