AMA Waterways river cruises

Why AMA Waterways?

As a family owned and operated company, AMA provides a culture that retains on board employees year after year. This means guests will receive consistent, exceptional service. AMA just received 5 Travvy Awards including Best River Cruise Line in Europe, and Best River Cruise Line Overall.

AMA understands wine. Stewards have a knowledge of local and New World Wine and servers know how to pour it, and chefs know how to create dishes that complement wine.

All river cruise ships are the same dimension because the ships must fit in the locks. You can get a feel for how spacious a ship feels by how many passengers are on board. At about 164 passengers, AMA ships provide spacious, elegant staterooms and comfortable public spaces.

The great benefit of a wine cruise is there is no additional charge for the wine experience on AMA Waterways Celebration of Wine cruises. Wine lovers get a big bonus feature on a wine cruise.

Standard Shore excursions, led by English speaking guides are included in the cost of the cruise. Experience the very best history, art, cuisine, and culture in every port. Choose from gentle, regular, and active tours, or explore on your own.

All dining is included. Both menu and buffet items are available for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast includes unlimited complementary sparkling wine and juices and lunch and dinner include complementary local wine beer and soft drinks. This cruise also includes three tasting experiences and a wine paired dinner. The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant is also included in the cruise fare.

One of the best features of traveling in your boutique floating hotel, is your accommodations travel with you. No packing and unpacking and moving from place to place. Guests will feel they are home away from home.

Unlike the nickel and dime atmosphere of deep water cruise ships, AMA is an almost all-inclusive experience. Internet is included, bottled water is included, wine and beer is included with meals, standard shore excursions are included.

Additional costs:

Air to and from Europe

Travel insurance (highly recommended)

Transfer to ship if providing own air

Pre or post hotel stay. (If guests are providing their own air, it is recommended to arrive a day early)

All can be provided by me

Additional on-board costs (optional)

     Spa services

     Gift shop

     Limited edition tours

AMA Waterways
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